Meet our team

Vince and Helen Ferrari- Owners
Helen and Vince Ferrari started Wal Art Gallery over 30 years ago in the Animas Valley Mall.
Through the years they have grown their business  by serving artists and art galleries all over the world with their one of a kind custom matting and framing.

​Locally owned and operated downtown, they love serving their four corners neighbors to preserve their own treasures. 

Kassidy joined the company in 2011. With 7 years of experience behind her and has a reputation for creative artistic design and problem solving.

She floats from sales, by helping you choose the perfect combinations for your art, to production where she uses her creative  talents cutting mats and assembling the art.

     Lance cuts and joins all of our frames, and does some of the prep work needed to ensure a sucessful finish.
     Often in a cloud of sawdust,   Lance is a tedious craftsman where second best is never good enough.

Kenneth has been with Wal Art Gallery for over 20 years.  He is a meticulous craftsman with every piece of art that he composes.

He strives to make every piece special for our customers to treasure.
Custom Framing
Hundreds of choices, countless combinations!

We work with you to choose the best combination of mouldings, mats and glass to complement your piece.
Handcrafted from quality materials

Acid free and UV-protective glass means your frame is built for beauty and longevity.
Acid- Arts enemy

In even the most beautifully framed art, there may be an unseen threat ready to destroy. Naturally occurring acid in paper and framing materials can cause yellowing, deterioration and ruin not only the frame and mat, but the art as well. Although it may look polished in the beginning, artwork that yellows and turns brittle won’t be worth displaying for long.
The art to showing art goes beyond composition and spacing; the materials used to frame art are equally important to maintaining beauty over time. Selecting framing materials that are acid-free will make a great difference in the longevity of framed artwork.

Acid-free vs. Non-acid free Matboard
To understand acid-free and non-acid-free paper and framing materials, we need a quick review of chemistry. pH (acid) is measured on a scale of zero to 14. pH neutral is seven; anything below seven is acidic and anything above is alkaline (non-acidic). Acid-free paper has a pH rating above seven.
The main source of paper and matting-discoloring acid is lignin. Lignin is a chemical compound found in the pulp of paper that produces acid as it deteriorates. It occurs naturally in trees and other plants and holds wood fiber together, making it is an obvious component of plant-based paper.
While most paper is made from wood pulp, true acid-free paper is made from cloth or rags. This removes the threat of lignin. Completely acid-free paper is known as rag board or museum rag board. Other paper materials used in art and framing are called wood-pulp paper or pulp paperboard. Paper can be acid-free and still contain lignin, however. Most quality acid-free papers are manufactured to have a minimal amount of lignin and neutralized to prevent fading and yellowing. In this manner, wood pulp based materials can be made essentially acid-free.
In these products, acid is neutralized during the manufacturing process and lignin is eliminated in two ways:
Removing lignin from pulp: Lignin is chemically separated from wood fibers when wood pulp is created for the production of paper.
Buffering: Alkaline, or base substances, are added to neutralize acids in the pulp when paper is made.

Crescent Mat Board Tutorial
Larson-Juhl Moulding Tutorial

Selecting the Right Glass

Most people are pretty familiar with mouldings and mat boards when it comes to custom framing, however, many may be unaware of the importance of glazing when it comes to the protection and the beauty of their framed piece.
Maybe you are even asking yourself right now, what is glazing? Glazing is the protective covering used in picture framing; it refers to either glass or acrylic.
The glazing you choose is very important. Only Conservation Grade glazing will help protect your cherished artwork, family photos, or any object you wish to have framed.
We know that you choose to custom frame because the piece you are framing is important to you, and the project you bring to us is something you want to enjoy for a long time to come.
As trusted custom framing experts, we offer you numerous framing options to meet your individual needs and provide you with a finished piece that has both superior protection and a look to fit your individual style.
We pride ourselves on our expertise in preservation, design, and fulfilling your needs to get the job done right. This is why we offer the best glazing available, Tru Vue® Conservation Grade glazing. Tru Vue Conservation Grade glazing is the only glazing that has 99% UV protection, the best available protection, and meetsconservation standards written by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).*
Tru Vue Glass-Understanding UV protection